Friday, 24 February 2012


Several classmates (is that still the word in a MOOC?) have posted on our Diigo group regarding e-books. Though I'm the daughter of a librarian and grew up with my nose in a book, and to this day I love the look and feel of books... I must admit, I LOVE e-books!
My primary job at a work is to research and write (hurrah!) but I had never written a e-book. This fall and winter I taught myself how to write, develop and produce e-books on Amazon's Kindle. It was a huge learning curve for sure!

Here are my two e-books, one just for me and one for work.

"Christmas Sauna Traditions"

And, one that I just posted on Kindle today: “Guide to Effective Technologies for Providing Online
I know that I definately used networked learning to get these produced, as this is such a new field and I had to learn from many different people using e-mail, webinars, book, e-books, websites, printed based resources and even one face-to-face connection! Not mention trying to learn how to use Amazon's amazing network...!
Now for a nice winter sauna after a busy week...

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