Saturday, 4 February 2012

The M.O.M. Network Solution

On Thursday, George asked us to think of practical applications for networks for our CCK12 course. Here is a real life network scenario that happened to me on Friday.

The Problem:

·         My 13 year-old son accidentally leaves his cell phone at home and heads off to his Grade 9 classes

·         His orthodontist calls with an emergency appointment that afternoon

·         I need to get a hold of my son ASAP to tell him about the appointment

The M.O.M. Network Solution

1.    I enact the secret M.O.M. network

2.    I send a Tweet to Mom A (son’s best friend’s Mom) and tell her the problem but… her son (kid A) doesn’t have a cell phone. Dead-end!

3.    I send a Facebook message to Mom B and she promises to text her son (kid B)

4.    Kid B doesn’t have any courses with my son so he texts kid C who shares a gym class with my son

5.    Gym class is over by the time kid C reads the text, so it is another dead-end!

6.    Kid C then posts on his Facebook “Anyone who has a class with Charlie please tell him to call home ASAP” (though of course he posts in lol language not these long words!)

7.    Kids D, E, F, G, H  (none of whom I know) all read this Facebook post and tell my son to call me

8.    My son makes it to the emergency dental appointment!

9.    Hurrah for the M.O.M. network – with its strong and weak ties, dead-ends, false starts, known and unknown players, awesome use of social network tools and ultimate success as a network!



  1. #cck12 -> Nice story! ...and usefuul example of practical application! Thank you

  2. Thank you, Francesa,for your kind comments about the M.O.M. network solution. I am glad it was useful. Since I started taking this course, I'm seeing networks and patterns all over the place which I didn't notice before.