Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Annoyed with Pinterest! CCK12

True confession - I'm mad at the saintly Pinterest ( Now don't get me wrong, I love social media and was an early adopter of it, and I know Pinterest is great, amazing, fantastic, don't know how I lived without it, blah, blah, blah. I already had an account and I thought it was fine, but certainly not life altering.

BUT, how come life as I knew it was great until about 3 weeks ago when everyone I know started pushing Pinterest on me - as though not being an active user of Pinterest was a major social faux pas - akin with not having Facebook or something REALLY awful. As well, on my organization's Facebook page (which I manage), almost every single nonprofit organization I know is posting about and singing the praises of Pinterest, sharing "how to" tutorials, asking why you aren't using Pinterest and why you really need to immediately join the band wagon, and carrying on like each and every respectable nonprofit simple cannot function with this technology.

It feels like "group think" to me and way too much pressure. Why the sudden popularity of this one technology? I find it very odd. Are people getting bored with the "old" standbys of Twitter, blogs and Facebook? Why do groups suddenly en mass decide something is right and good? Why do people persistently push the latest fad on you?

I do realise I sound cranky and uncooperative - but I'm actually not, I'm just really, really tired of hearing about Pinterest!


p.s. I did once find the most adorable picture of two pigs swimming in a pool on Pinterest. Those pigs remind me of us in the nonprofit sector, working so diligently to do our missions! Pinterest definitely does have some good features!


  1. Joanne - I checked Pinterest out a few days ago. I didn't 'get it'. I checked it out again today, even went into the "Help" to try to 'get it'. I still don't 'get it'. From what I can tell the things we can do on Pinterest are:

    1. Post a picture:
    We can do that on Facebook, twitter, & blogs.
    2. Group pictures onto boards:
    We can do that in these things called "Albums" on more sites than I care to list.
    3. We can view boards/pins of other people:
    See #2, oh and search Google.
    4. We can share boards/pins with others:
    Um yeah, I can share a pic/video pretty much anywhere on the internet.

    Did I miss anything? Even if I did, it seems to me like another url, login, and password for me to have to worry about for no real benefit over anything else we've already got. It's redundant. Unless Pinterest can share "better" than whatever else we've already got, and make someone $, I don't see it lasting too long.

    P.S. You might like this.

  2. Hello Dino, and thanks for your post. Sometimes I feel that if I have to remember yet another user name and password I'm going to lose it! Pinterest also makes me laugh because it doesn't approve you joining up right away like every other site, but makes you wait 48 hours or so, before they tell you have been "accepted into the Pinterest Community". How grand! Kind of like being a Mason or something LOL.

    Thank you SO MUCH for more cool swimming pig pictures. That kept me laughing all day long! Have a great weekend, Dino!