Saturday, 3 March 2012

Personal Learning Networks / Environments - CCK12 / Week 6

A Personal Learning Network is a network of people that you connect with for the purpose of learning. PLNs are often informal and are always personalised based on the needs and interests of each individual. I would like to further develop my personal learning network. Upon reflecting on this week’s readings and the Thursday night lecture, I think that my network is not diverse enough.
George noted during the Thursday class: “If you agree with everyone in your network, your network is probably not diverse enough”. It is true that sometimes those we heartily disagree with force us into deeper thought and new perspectives. I think my current personal learning network is mostly full of people with whom I share many common perspectives.
This course has expanded my horizons since other members of CCK or the MOCC come from different countries and workplaces than do I. I learn a lot from these diverse perspectives and look forward to particularly the Thursday nights when I get to listen and read the the chat and think: “How interesting! I would have never thought that way or perceived that issue in such a manner”.
A Personal Learning Environment is a technical environment you create to support your learning. This environment varies for each person. In fact, a PLE is your very own, personalised, customized learning environment. It is built on tools that you find helpful in your own learning process.

The main tools I use in my PLE (in ranked order) are:

·         Blogs
·         YouTube
·         Podcasts
·         Webinars
·         Facebook
·         Photosharing
·         Social bookmarking
·         E-books
·         LinkedIn
Here are a couple of examples: GCLearnFree’s blog: / YouTube for Teachers: and  iTunes University:

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  1. Within my personal learning environment I also include people from whom I learn from: coworkers, family members, friends etc.. Interacting socially can create experiences in which learning by critical reflextion adds another tool to your repetoire. Just a thought.