Saturday, 21 April 2012

Sister Soups - my new e-book - a great learning experience!

I just finishing an e-book for Kindle. It is called Sister Soups: Recipes, Hopes and Prayers for Times of Illness.
Sister Soups is a book of healthy soups, hopes, and prayers for people facing cancer or another serious illness.
Sister Soups offers delicious recipes, beautiful pictures, words of hope, and prayers of encouragement for each month of the year. Sister Soups are full of healthy ingredients and the soups have a mild taste and are easy to eat.

I wrote it for someone very dear to be me who is going through a year of chemo.
This also explains why my assignment 3 was late!

Writing for Kindle is a great learning experience. And I get to try out that "Long Tail" theory we learned about in class.



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